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        SIECO INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(shortened form is SIECO) is a reformed share holding company from Shaanxi Import & Export Corp. SIECO enjoys the reputation as the first foreign trade company in Shaanxi Province,China that implements ISO9000. Having established trade relations with more than 500 trading companies and manufacturers in the world such as U.S.A, Canada,Peru, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Australia, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc.,it has been ranked one of the top five hundred foreign trade companies in China for eight years in a run.Its domestic clients and partners spread in 22 provinces.
       Business Scopes:
        1、 Import business
        2 、Export business
        3 、Engineering construction and bidding
        4 、Investment and management

        China-Bangl Ceramic Industries Ltd.(CBC) is a joint venture in which SIECO is the major share holder.It is so far the biggest direct investment from China in the country manufacturing high quality ceramic floor and wall tiles. The tiles are not only sold in the local market,but also to India and other neighboring countries.
No.16 ,Section B2 ,Weiyang Road ,Xi’an 710018 ,Shaanxi ,P.R.China
Tel: 0086-29-86510048, 86511874,86510050 Fax:0086-29-86510050 E-mail:shliu@sieco.com.cn 18991156931@126.com